timed creative practice: pattern & collage

I am happy to say I have kept up my timed 5-minute practice experiment that I started a couple of weeks ago. It feels pretty good doing this quick practice so I am committing to  more of it… maybe for a year, maybe less. I’m not good with super long plans/commitments, I mean who knows what other interesting things might catch my attention.

By doing this timed practice, I am realizing that if I were to continue for a year, I’d end up with 365 ‘sketches.’ These could be inspiration for other work—a personal visual resource.

As I do them, I get more ideas on how to do them. For example, the past week I focused on pattern. The week before on text.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 1st 2013 I am starting a new week for this timed practice for which now I have a dedicated sketchbook.

Last week I also tried to continue with the slow art experiment but with no success, so I’ll have to try again. The problem was simply that I did not like what I was creating.

The past week I focused on pattern with a bit of collage. I incorporated the inspiration for the pattern within the drawing wherever I could. Most of the patterns were inspired by the inside design of security envelopes.








Thursday – inspired by British designer Orla Kiely. You can just see her book at the back of the photo.




Saturday – inspired by pattern of a business card by mikind, a ceramic studio from Medicine Hat.



Do you practice your craft? How do you practice?