Radio Lonely

Radio Lonely (an online broadcast–no longer available on the online platform) was a brief, experimental project where I interviewed/talked to shop keepers in the Commercial Drive area in Vancouver, Canada. I explored loneliness through the shopkeepers experience.

Episode 1 – November 24 2015:  I introduce the project (6:52)


Episode 2 – November 26 2015:  I talk with Mark from Mark’s Pet Shop (8:02)
Postscript: June 4 2021, Due to rent hikes in 2020, Mark’s Pet Shop is no longer around. It was a favourite place for me and my dog to drop into whether or not we needed to buy food or treats.


Episode 3 – December 1 2015:  I talk with Terry from Cafe du Soleil (25:12)
My partner and I were regulars to Cafe du Soleil when we lived in the Commercial Drive area. We always went together. There are two Cafe du Soleil on The Drive, this one is the small one and not connected to the larger one.