Research Notes

A weekly Sunday newsletter in which I share with you my research on artists who have withdrawn from the art world (as I have done once and often feel like doing again) and research on loneliness and belonging and all the tangents that such topics suggest.

I started Research Notes in April 2021 and used to publish the notes on this website until September 2021, when my father died.

Starting in 2022, I am embarking on this project again, but on a new platform called Substack, hoping to take new readers on my journey.

Why the focus on loneliness and belonging?

I experience loneliness almost on a daily basis and have done so since childhood. Immigrating to Canada when I was sixteen only ensured that I felt this even more deeply. So I write from the point of view of a second generation Italian Canadian living sometimes on the west coast, and other times the east coast of Canada.

I also write from the point of view of an artist with a practice that encompasses interventions, textiles, printed matter, and participatory installations. In my work, I explore loneliness and belonging and this mostly manifests itself in attempts to make connections with the public through encounters.

Through my research, which involves reading books written by experts in other fields than mine, I often seek answers and clues to understand why I feel this way, and strategies to lighten that feeling in my chest.

Why the name Research Notes?

Because this is about research—what I’m reading and learning—and because I think of this writing as notes, which are sometimes lists, at times short and other times longer and in depth. The “note” part of the name also suggests what you write down when you want to remember something to review or recall later.

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