Research Notes

I started writing these so called Research Notes in April 2021, the project is ongoing. Every week I write something that feels relevant to my practice. This action allows me to make room for thinking and writing about artists, art related topics, and themes in my practice. I attempt to play with format, sometimes using a bulleted list to present information, and other times using text colour as a way to break free from the formality of research text. The only rule I have is to write and publish one piece a week. I don’t enable readers to leave comments as I have found that to be distracting. But I have welcomed people to leave comments on my Instagram stream. Ok, so there’s one more rule. I write the title on a post it note with a thick, black sharpie, I stamp-date the note, I stick it to the wall in my study, take a shot, and post it to Instagram with the link to the post.

To read the Notes, go here.