Directions for the Mind

Directions for the Mind was an event-exhibition presented under the guise of the Prohibitive Genus Collective. From September 5th to September 23rd, 2017 the gallery space was used for participatory, ephemeral yarn installations. Directions for the Mind was an exercise in creating art that provides an experience both through planned and chance encounters. A small group of people, known to the featured artist (Laura Bucci), were sent invitations to participate in creating yarn installations one-to-one with the artist. Passersby were invited to participate and book appointments through an informational poster on the window gallery (although no requests were received). Through this event-exhibition, the Collective aims to continue its work in micro-actions that focus on connecting with others through face-to-face and personal one-to-one interactions.

September 5 – 23, 2017, at Parking Spot Projects, 8 East Cordova, Vancouver
Parking Spot Projects was a temporary (one year) exhibition and event site run by Underground Assembly (website no longer available).

Read a Q&A which explains the motivation and organization of the project.

On these dates, I was joined by the following participants:
September 8 – Carrie & Emma
September 10 – Luisa & Cristina
September 11 – Lorna & Jill
September 18 – Beth
September 22 – Patsy Kay Kolesar & Valerie Arntzen
September 23 – Denise Holland