The Minimum Wage

In this project I worked with ideas of craftivism as a way of contributing my voice to an issue that effected me. Taking action, that is crafting and putting my message out in the world, increased my involvement in the issue with body and mind. The mere act of working on the project propels you into further thought on the issue. My intention with this work was to get people to think about the minimum wage and how it effects them or people they come into contact with throughout the day.

Background: I struggled personally with this issue while looking for work in 2013. I had many conversations with a friend who was in the same situation. Being unemployed and struggling with job search and the offered wages prompted me to investigate the rationale behind the minimum wage and its effects on people in more challenging situations, e.g parents or a single parent with kids, migrant workers, women and transgender people, seniors, and persons with disabilities. This project was coupled with research from the Canadian Centre of Alternative Policy.