Fraser River Walks

image of yarn-wrapped sticks and a detail of the fraser river

Fraser River Walks (October 2019 to March 2020, Vancouver)
A project consisting of tiny Polaroids and a collection of found twigs and sticks that I routinely collected from daily walks along the Fraser River. These sticks were then brought into my home studio where I wrapped them in yarn. Behind the object and the collection of twigs, is the invisible practice of routine and structure, of walking and noticing, and of negotiating loneliness and resilience.
The #fraserriverwalkslaurabucci hashtag will turn up my Instagram posts related to this project.

I first installed my collection of sticks in June, 2021 at AMP Studio’s storefront window, Corner of Hawks & Keefer Street, across from the Wilder Snail Neighbourhood Grocery in Strathcona, Vancouver, BC.

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Fraser River Projects Collaborative Talk (June 2021)
Also in June, I gave a talk with Laurance Playford-Beaudet through CARFAC BC’s Coffee Break Conversation Series. We talked about our projects in, on and alongside sections of the Fraser River that run around the city of Vancouver. Collectively, our practices engage the senses and the body and result in visual and sound experiences, and also community engagement for me.

Group Walk (June 19, 2021)
On June 19, I led a group of six people on a short walk along the Fraser River, below River District in South Vancouver, and we retraced my morning and afternoon walks during the project’s duration. We looked for sticks and twigs, walked to Adcy Beach, and found a spot to sit at and wrap sticks in yarn, while chatting about belonging from the perspective of immigrants and migrants.

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In the Studio:

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