this is where i go – A Mail Art Exhibition

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‘this is where i go’ was a mail art exhibition I curated and held at Britannia Art Gallery, in Vancouver, Canada, November 6-29, 2013

See all entries submitted at the Project Website:

The theme for this exhibition was this is where i go.  A call for 4 by 6 inch original postcards was issued worldwide through online mail art portals. Participants were free to interpret the theme as they wished.  110 submissions from 25 countries were received by both adults and children. Materials employed ranged widely and spanned the whole gamut from traditional artist materials to band-aids and muffin wrappers. The objective for this exhibition was to affirm everyone’s potential for creativity and to introduce the local community to a movement they can be part of. Introductory mail art workshops were held at Britannia Art Gallery and the Richmond Art Gallery. While mail art may have started as a free exchange of postal messages between artists, today mail art is practiced by a loose global community of varied backgrounds.

As is typical in mail art exhibitions there was no jurying of submissions, and everything received was exhibited—even those entries that did not follow the rules!