inter.action was a one-month project that utilized the gallery space to create a participatory, ephemeral yarn installation between the artist, Laura Bucci, and members of the public. This project occurred at Studio Lab Gallery in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia in March 2019.

This project was first staged in Vancouver, in the artist’s hometown, as a way to meaningfully re-connect face-to-face with friends and acquaintances. In this second version of the project in New Glasgow, the artist (currently living in Cape Breton) sought to connect with strangers in an effort to build a new network of acquaintances or friends, one person at a time.

Another intention was also to provide the public with the opportunity to do something different, perhaps outside their comfort zone, or to simply engage in a playful creative act and to just see what happens without getting attached to the outcome.

Through one-on-one, or two-on-one participation with the artist, participants built on the existing yarn installation. As in the Vancouver version, materials were yarn and pushpins and the canvas was the walls and the floor. Each session was up to 1 hour long. As the project progressed, the exhibition space evolved as participants added to, or modified, the installation.

Some rules of participation were:
– pre-book your appointment online
– maximum of two people can participate each time
– cell phones on silent mode and hidden away
– use only pins and yarn provided, yarn can be cut
– create whatever you want

Total number of participants: 10

Thank you to all participants who made this project happen: Anne, Meg, Sarah, Susan, Lisa, Ken, Donna, Lana, Timothy, Carey

Photos taken with permission from participants.