A World of Artist Journal Pages

Image of book spread with my journal pages

A World of Artist Journal Pages Book spread, page 38 & 39

In 2015, a very small selection of my art journal pages were published in the book A World of Artist Journal Pages curated by Dawn Devries Sokol. The book contains over 1000 art journal pages by 230 artists from 30 countries. This is an inspiring book that documents the power of art journaling by very diverse artists and non-artists alike. I am very happy to be part of this book. For a number of years I was deeply engaged in the art journaling process and found it to be a very positive and generative experience that helped me to believe in myself as an artist. I talked about this practice in a Pecha Kucha Richmond, BC presentation I gave in 2013 that was focused around the topic of Identity.

Book Cover

The Book Cover