Art & Culture Reviews (Print)

Casting On, Doing Good, This Magazine – Arts & Ideas, March/April 2007
Andrew Bell and his work Motorwerks III: Sinister Refinements, Artichoke Magazine, Summer 1999

Profiles (Print)

Ron Bazar, Artisan & Woodworker on Cortes Island, BC, Crafts Association of BC Newsletter (pg 1), June 2007
Eva Hoening, Woman on the Job – cabinet maker in Vancouver, BC, Shameless Magazine, Spring 2007
Shaheen Khatami & the Special Olympics, The Richmond Review, January 20 2007
Sutha Joy & the Touchstone Family Association, The Richmond Review, December 23 2006
Stephen Ngan & The Richmond Youth Centre, The Richmond Review, October 21 2006

General Interest Articles (Print)

Are Helmet Laws Justified, Momentum Magazine, Oct/Nov 2006
Guatemala – Warm & Friendly, The Province, July 10 2005

Book Reviews (Print)

Roadside Bicycle Repair by Sam Tracy, Speck Press, Momentum Magazine, Sept/Oct 2008
Whatcha Mean, Whatsa a Zine? by Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson, Graphia Books, Shameless Magazine, Fall/Winter 2008
Wildfire: Art as Activism edited by Deborah Barndt, Sumach Press, Herizons Magazine, Spring 2007
The Fast Food Craze: Wreaking Havoc on Our Bodies and Our Animals by Tina Volpe, Earthsaver Newsletter (pg 4), Sept/Oct 2006

Articles & Reviews (Online)

East FEAST Vancouver (Britannia Community Centre), set up a free blog template, assisted with writing content for web pages and grant description, wrote blog posts leading up to the event and after the event (2011-2013)
Earth Day Preview: Eco-friendly Products and Upcycling Materials (no longer available online), Trans-Canada Etsy Team Blog, writing & graphics, April 21 2009
Mayan Women Share Culture through Embroideries (no longer available online), Crafting a Green World: the home for eco-friendly crafts, research & article, October 26 2008
The Boss of You: Everything a Woman Needs to Know to Start, Run and Maintain Her Own Business (no longer available online), Lauren Bacon and Emira Mears, Seal Press, book review for The Trans-Canada Etsy Team Blog, June 4 2008

Grant Writing

Worked on grant applications from City of Vancouver, BC Arts Council, Canada Council, Nova Scotia Arts, and others providing a range of services depending on client needs, from proofreading, to editing, feedback and writing grants from scratch. Clients include: OURO Collective, Vancouver Street Dance Festival, Lake Country Art Gallery, Outsiders and Others, individual artists, dancers, musicians, and game developers.

Unpublished Writing

Exhibition Review – Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo at Grunt Gallery, Oct 2015