Presenting Cultivate a Spot at OURO’s dance performance May 5-8

"Cultivate a Spot #1," Number 2 in a series of 4.

“Cultivate a Spot #1,” Front of Number 2 in a series of 4.

I’ll be showing new work, “Cultivate a Spot,” at OURO’s Collective dance performance May 5-8 at Studio 1398 in Granville Island. My work will be displayed in the lobby and unfortunately can only be seen after you’ve checked in with your ticket.

Cultivate a Spot consists of a series of four mail art postcards that document a series of interventions I performed earlier this year at an out-of-use telephone booth located at Commercial Drive and Parker Street in Vancouver. Through observation and photo+text documentation, the project explores behaviour in the public space and our connection to community.

OURO Collective presents two new works, “PACE”, choreographed by OURO Collective and “Kaleido” choreographed by Tentacle Tribe. See a preview video clip at their website.

Advance Tickets $22 ($25 at the door)

About OURO:

OURO is a Vancouver-based dance collective that uses street dance vocabulary (hip hop, breaking, popping, waacking) as a foundation for the creation and production of new work. The diverse dance background of each of the five members is used as a catalyst for creation through constant exchange, dialogue and collaboration to generate an innovative movement aesthetic that aims to offer a unique experience to the viewer. OURO’s vision is to bridge the gap between the urban and formal dance/arts community by fostering an inclusive dance environment and experience where artists of various mediums and the public can engage in. They work on pushing the boundaries on how street dance based works are created and presented.