Are you an artist needing help with writing?

Hello! Here’s a brief update that you might like to know about if you’re an artist thinking of applying for a grant or putting together an exhibition/festival proposal.

The past few years I’ve worked with OURO Collective—a dance group comprised of five dancers—to help them draft their very first grant application as a collective. OURO was successful right away and received their first grant in 2014 from the British Columbia Arts Council. They now apply yearly for grants from the BC Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, and others.

My involvement that first year was very hands on. I worked with them on all aspects of the grant—from the mission statement to crafting objectives, to defining feedback, reflection processes, and creating a timeline (to name just a few of the grant sections). A key part of the process involved crafting a voice for the collective. While they had written down their own ideas about what they stood for, it took a bit of work to clarify those ideas into a coherent and strong message. Grant writing is a process that is best done way ahead of the application deadline.

After that first year, OURO has continued to engage my services for proofreading, editing, and grant review.

Is this your first time applying for a grant? Or have you been unsuccessful receiving grants?

Are you overwhelmed by the process? Unsure how to describe your project in writing? How to identify and define objectives, goals, mission statements? Or maybe you’re simply stuck writing your artist statement?

Take a look at my Writing Services for Artists website and if you know someone who needs help, please share the link. Thank you!

Laura Bucci — Writing Services for Artists