Late Capitalism

Late Capitalism is the name of a 4-day pop-up shop I am participating in. I have made seven pocket mirrors for the pop-up shop and I’ll also have a couple of publications, and small fabric-based banners with cross-stitched text (see link/slide show for one example). This event is organized by Parking Spot Projects. In the spirit of Late Capitalism, the theme for this pop-up shop, all my offerings will be available by donation.

Check out my instagram to preview mirrors I’ll have at this fun little pop-up shop. Also with me are other Vancouver emerging artists, such as Denise Holland, Juan Cisneros, and Pippa Lattey.

About the pop-up shop:
The Oxford Dictionary defines Late Capitalism as the “…current stage in the development of capitalism…characterized by the dominance of multinational corporations, globalization, and consumerism, and as having permeated all areas of social and cultural life.”

In a store-like setting, we sell objects that poke fun at consumerism, excess, fake/real media as control, current events, pastiche, repetition, bureaucratic control, automation, military/police presence. This is open to a broad range of work because our times are a bit wacky. Ideas include zines, small sculptures, t-shirts, stickers, tote-bags, snacks etc….something that relates to late capitalism that you’ve already made.

Pop-up Shop: Late Capitalism
by Parking Spot Projects located at 8 East Cordova, Vancouver

July 27 5-8 Thursday

July 29 1-4pm Saturday
Aug 5 1-4 Saturday
Aug 10 5-8 Thursday