Directions for the Mind ~ event/exhibition Sept 5-23

Finally, announcing some serious art activity! Here is the official description of what I’m doing:

Directions for the Mind is an event-exhibition presented by the Prohibitive Genus Collective. From September 5th to September 23rd two hand-crafted books by featured artist Laura Bucci will be on display, while the rest of the gallery space will be used for participatory, ephemeral yarn installations. Directions for the Mind is an exercise in creating art that provides an experience both through planned and chance encounters. A small group of people, known to the featured artist, will be sent invitations to participate in creating yarn installations one-to-one with the artist. Passersby will be invited to participate and book appointments through an informational poster on the window gallery. Through this event-exhibition, the Collective aims to continue its work in micro-actions that focus on connecting with others through face-to-face and personal one-to-one interactions.

September 5 – 23, 2017
Parking Spot Projects
8 East Cordova, Vancouver

On September 5th, I will be playing in the space alone, creating an impromptu yarn installation. This will be viewable until my first guest joins me for the collaboration.

To read more about the motivation behind the exhibit, visit the Prohibitive Genus Collective’s website.

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  • Donna

    What time of day will you be playing in the space, on the 5th?

  • donna

    In your self-interview, under What does the title of the exhibition stand for?, you write — “. . . the artist felt she was setting down directions for future states of discord.” I’m thinking you meant to say ” . . future states of discourse” ?

    • Laura

      Hi Donna, I will be getting the keys to the gallery at 1:30 and then I’ll be setting up and testing out the space on that day–so I don’t know when there will be something to look at and I expect to be there for a few hours. I haven’t announced a reception or opening event as there is none planned for this event-exhibition.

      About ‘discord’: Discord is correct, as in ‘lack of harmony/balance.’ Meaning I was setting down directions for helping me deal with moments of distress in the future.

      Thanks for stopping by the website and reading more about this event. So, maybe I’ll see you Tuesday.