Bird Inspiration 6: the greater flamingo

Today I tried listening to some music while art journaling–listened to Birth of Cool by Miles Davis. When the weather is grey and wet, I need a little pick me up. The music was a welcome change and it carried me for an hour plus while I continued onto drawing the bird of the day: the greater flamingo.



This work happens in my art journal. But first I draw the bird with a fineliner onto a small drawing sketchbook–this forces me to look carefully as I can’t erase easily. Then I photocopy the line drawing, cut it so it becomes a collage element, and use watercolour and other materials. During part of this process, I was listening to a short video presentation by leadership coach Peleg Top.  Words that stuck were:

Creativity is a muscle that must be practiced

This is what I’m doing with my bird series–practicing my creativity, exploring something I wanted to try for a long time (birds). The first peek was here.

On the side of my art, you can see some notes from this presentation. I rather liked his tone and what he said made a lot of sense. To listen to the video, you need to sign up for the free The Thriving Artist Summit — lots of good interviews there till January 31 2014.