Issue 4 is going out in public spaces

Issue 4 - It's honest. It's real.

Issue 4 – It’s real. It’s honest.

Hello! I have finally put together Issue 4 of Cause & Effect which consists of an interview I conducted in November 2015. This issue is titled, “It’s real. It’s honest.”

As the project has evolved, some things have become clear to me about how to do this. I have decided that these little pocket-sized zines will only be distributed free and will, as before, be placed in undisclosed public spaces. They’re waiting to be discovered and for their story to reach a variety of people.

With Issue 4, I am experimenting with distribution. I have only produced 20 copies. Some I will distribute myself in my neighbourhood and the rest I will mail to six people–each person will get two copies. They can keep one and distribute the other, or they can distribute both. I like involving other people in my projects and I find I’m always trying to come up with ideas to include participation. There is a nice element of the unknown for me–not ever knowing where the zines have been left unless the distributors want to share. Either way, there’s a nice element of playfulness to this.

A future project is to compile all the stories and put them in a publication. The plan is to have the publication ready for the Vancouver Art/Book Fair in October.

First 4 issues

First 4 issues