they're all lies

My journal project: eco-friendly lined journals made in Canada with covers screenprinted by me in my Vancouver studio.

screenprinted journalAbout this Journal: I took this photo in the colonial town of Antigua, Guatemala in 2006 (link to my travel blog). These Maya women were participating in a protest in what is normally a peaceful town. The local government had plans to move the location of the chicken bus station from the town centre to the outside of town. The current location, in town, is very convenient for the countless vendors who bring in their wares to town to sell. Moving the bus station outside of town, would have meant an increase in transportation expense or walking the rest of the way to the town centre. It is a brave act to protest in Guatemala given its past with a 36-year -long civil war which ended only in 1996. The reason for the move is that the mayor planned to introduce his own microbus company to take people from the edge of town into the centre. The women here, are listening to a speaker and their expression said to me “they’re all lies,” ” son todas mentiras.”

Journal Specs: 6 x 9 inches ECO perfect-bound notebook with 72 sheets.  13 pt soft cover and ivory lined sheets. Made in Canada from 100% recycled materials.

Availability: I am printing only a very limited edition — only 3 or 4 of each composition. I may print more depending on how they’re received. I will have these at the One Of A Kind Show in Vancouver (Dec 8 – 12).

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