Dialogue Piece, very loosely after Lee Lozano

For a limited time I was available for Zoom dialogues. This was offered as pre-booked 1-1 Zoom sessions of 30 minutes long.

Project start: March 2, 2022
Project end: May 2, 2022

My Dialogue Piece was inspired by artist Lee Lozano’s Dialogue Piece (1969) and was very, very loosely based on hers. I wrote about Lee Lozano in my newsletter, a project titled Research Notes (Issue #24 and #31).

Lozano did not talk about how she would survive as an artist other than selling earlier works, which consisted of drawings and paintings. Most of her piece works were clearly not for sale. Since I don’t have a material practice to support my immaterial practice and since we live in different times, I have come up with my own ways of doing Dialogue Piece and of supporting the work.

RESULTS – May 15 2022: The project was a failure. No one got in touch. I tried posting to Craigslist under the community category but was flagged as I was charging $5 for participation. I think now that such a piece can only be successful if you have a very large readership to draw from. My network just wasn’t big enough. I may try this project again in the future–with modifications.

Description and rules that were offered for Dialogue Piece

Hop on a Zoom call with me where I’ll spend half an hour with you to talk about whatever you’d like—there may be some restrictions topic-wise but I’ll only know that when it happens. Before we meet, you might want to send me a link to your website or Instagram, if you have one, so I can get to know you a little bit.

After you purchase a session (link below), I’ll send you a link to a Calendar platform so you can select a slot when we can both meet, and you’ll automatically be sent a Zoom meeting link with your chosen time.

Dialogue Piece is an art piece. It is inspired by artist Lee Lozano’s Dialogue Piece and is very, very loosely based on hers. I wrote about Lee Lozano in my newsletter in Issue #24 and #31.

By booking a call with me, you are participating in my version of Dialogue Piece. Some documentation will be created around the piece, namely topics discussed, duration of the encounter, your location (city, country), and the date and time. Your identity and our conversation will be confidential—it will not be recorded.

My rules for Dialogue Piece may be tweaked as the piece progresses.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If this suits you, head over here to begin the process of booking a session for Dialogue Piece, very loosely after Lee Lozano.