Directions for the Mind Collaboration: 2 more participant groups

Since I last posted, I’ve had two more collaborations: Cristina & Luisa, and Lorna & Jill.

I document the process each time in a effort to capture how each collaborator is modifying the space or playing in the space. You can see these updates, images & video, on The Prohibitive Genus Collectives’ blog and on my Instagram feed. I’d like to post more video clips on Instagram but I have mixed luck with it—it often crashes on me.

Next week I have two more collaborators joining me, so expect updates on those too on the collective’s blog.

Thanks for reading!

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  • Donna

    It is easy to see, now, how this project connects to the happiness theme of your handmade book. The colours and participation look playful and uplifting, both spontaneous and unself-conscious.

    • Laura

      Yes, also how it connects to happiness is the collaborating aspect. Connecting or re-connecting with people in a playful and meaningful way. Being able to create a space where that can happen feels good. And I’m glad the choice of material and colours contributed to creating such a space.