when things get too busy

When things get too busy…this blog gets no attention. I am overwhelmed and often tired these days!

I’m  taking my second online course through SFU on technical writing. At the end of May I’ll have to decide whether I want to commit to the Certificate program–it’s not an easy decision. I’d rather build on my credentials to teach art but don’t feel very secure at all about future prospects.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make a go of being a craft artist so I’ve decided to focus on personal work and exhibitions (one coming up in August). This forces me to consider my revenue generating options. Since I’ve done some freelance writing before and since the technical communication field seems to be one of the few fields experiencing growth, I might just do the certificate. I am someone that likes details and clarity and drafting clear sentences (not necessarily on my blog where I want to be more casual) so I feel this might work.

So there’s the online course, prepraring for an exhibition, living with and training a puppy (now four months old), and thinking about the future or rather trying to formulate a plan on how to make the right decisions. This is where art journaling came in. I practiced art journaling from January through March and then derailed my routine with the introduction of a puppy! I had no idea how much work this little creature would take. Although she makes me very tired, she has also provided positive distraction from thinking about the self too much. Oh, and I was also taking an online painting course with Lisa Congdon and Mati Macdonough. I’m glad I took that course even though I wasn’t able to participate in the last 2 painting assignments. It pushed me to work with paint only and me realize that to grow as an artist, it is important to keep on taking creative workshops.

Acrylic painting on wood panel

Acrylic on wood panel -- assignment from Get your Paint On online course. Copyright Laura Bucci

I’m also looking for a part-time job–a very challenging task. Primarily, right now I need cash to cover my basic creative practice expenses.

I’ve started working on my exhibition pieces for August and will post a preview soon. If you’re in Vancouver, I hope you’ll come to the opening. Yikes! An opening. I’ll be showing with another artist but how embarrassing would it be if hardly any people came to the opening! It’s so different from doing a craft show that I don’t want to even think about it!

Now, I really need to write my artist statement for the exhibition…