The effects of the loneliness project

A few things to report since I launched the Cause & Effect Project (but which I realized I actually refer to as the loneliness project when I talk to people):

  • A friend bought a copy of  issue 1 and asked if she could also distribute her copy; my response “abosolutely!”; in fact if you find a copy, you might want to re-distribute it to a place of your choice.
  • Another friend started talking about loneliness with her mother by talking about this project.
  • I made 4 prints from keywords that arose out of my first conversation about loneliness (letter wood-block prints), so I’m planning to make some prints for each issue based on each conversation
  • While I made the above-mentioned prints, I had small scraps of paper for testing, out of which I realized I could bind a few journals, one of which is going to the person I conversed with for issue 1. The journal I gifted is pictured above.

Please feel free to share your experience of the zine. If you wish to purchase one, you may do so at the project page.

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