Still here, still creating

20140227-112444.jpgI’ve slowed down on my bird project while I’m exploring other fundamentals in the practice of drawing. I came across a beautiful dead bird a few weeks ago which asked to be drawn in a different way than my previous exploration in drawing birds.

I could really feel that drawing from life is extremely different–energizing. The presence of death is richer than a book illustration or photograph. So here is one of many sketches of the bird in repose. It was interesting to experience the shift in choosing my materials and size of paper. I was drawn to use chalk pastel on 24 by 30 inch paper.

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  • Frannie

    Hi Laura, I thought of you this week , as I did line drawings of birds for my group of Sr. students to paint. They so loved the class. One of them is actually a former Art professor, And Art text book author. He is so sweet and kind and very helpful. He is in early stage Alzhimer / Dementia . He still loves to paint and has great skills and is able to concentrate. I just feel blessed to be in his presence. Strange to be the “teacher ” of such a fine and noble Teacher. How odd that you send this post about the dead bird – as I encountered a large dead crow today , while driving. I felt sad for it. I know that crows / ravens are very symbolic. Maybe he was signaling change. I also found a sweet bird’s nest in a thriftshop yesterday .Maybe it it a signal of New space for creation ? Thank you again for being an inspiration to me . Maybe some day we will get to meet and possibly work together some how. Please keep in touch, Frannie

    • Laura

      Hi Frannie! Maybe this is synchronicity you are describing–seeing/coming across things that connect to what you are doing with your senior students. Maybe there are dots to be drawn and it is a matter of noticing, being present. This is actually something I was working with in my journal–the idea of being present enough, listening to what is going on so you can connect the dots.

      What a wonderful experience you are sharing. Appreciating the presence of a senior man in the arts (as we are) as he is going through deep changes. I am soon to visit a family member (through my partner’s side) who is going through advanced stages of Alzheimer’s. I visited him during the early stages several years ago. It will be a strange visit.

      What part of the world are you in?