how do you feel about the minimum wage?


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I am brainstorming text ideas for a craftivist project for the Textile Design class I am taking at the University of British Columbia. I gave a presentation on craftivism a couple of weeks ago for one of my other assignments. The thing is, I’ve been wanting to get into street art but haven’t quite done it yet. Perhaps this will change…and perhaps my first street art project will be through the craft medium.

So I’m wondering, how do you feel about the minimum wage? What comes to mind, what feelings emerge? This is something that I am dealing with as I look for work, have been looking for work for over a year now. What does it mean to accept a job at minimum wage (which right now here in BC is $10.25 per hour)? Saskatchewan has the lowest at $9.50 and Nunavut the highest at $11 (rest of Canada).

What are we saying about ourselves if we accept these jobs and how are employers thinking of us when they offer us minimum wage? What about when we feel we have no choice? How does that impact your well-being?

I am thinking of  cross-stitching a large message on the topic and attaching it to a prominent fence in my neighbourhood. I’d like for people to think about this issue a bit as they walk by the stitched work. I am sure the visual will make people look and then I hope they will reflect. People who see the message might be minimum wage earners, high wage earners, business owners, policy makers, etc.

So, how would you finish the sentence “Minimum wage …”?


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  • Minimum wage does not provide for the bare minimum. We keep being told we have a thriving economy and yet how many people in our province are struggling pay cheque to pay cheque and why do the powers that be think that’s good enough? No one wants to merely survive their life-they want to THRIVE.

    *ahem* I call it like I see it, especially during an election year when the manure gets shoveled up so high we’re choking on it. One vote, one voice. Make yours heard!

    (This, by the way is a genius idea!)

  • Hello,

    I like your blog and actually came here to do advertising research for my website.

    However, now I will stick my nose in…

    The reason you have been looking for over a year is because of the minimum wage. If there was no minimum wage, you’d have a job. Lela makes a good point above about the minimum wage still not being enough to live by. But the reason for this is because high minimum wages have 1: Increased the cost of producing or doing anything that person is hired to do and 2: decreased the overall productivity of society by keeping people like yourself who are perfectly capable of being productive out of the workforce.

    The two things combine to make disaster for the economy. The minimum wage is a political tool used by big business to keep the little guys from competing. It puts people out of work and makes us less productive overall. It also disproportionately affects minorities and women (this is clearly backed up by statistics), the people that lose their job opportunities are mostly blacks, teens, and women. Discrimination is easy when you are already overpaying for work.

    I may contact you in the future for some advertising!

    Great Blog!

  • To answer your question “Minimum Wage Makes Working Illegal”

    This is essentially all it really does. It makes it illegal to work for less. What can it do BUT destroy jobs?