exploring arts for social change: Postcard #3 & #4

Here is my third and fourth postcard homework for the course I am taking at Simon Fraser University — course is Exploring Arts for Social Change. I first talked about this homework here. See all postcards here. Postcards are written weekly, usually the day after class when your experience is still fresh with you.

I created both postcards by first scanning an actual paper postcard, then layered a background image from my art journal. The fourth postcard also has another image layered on top which is a photo I took in my neighbourhood. I had talked about this photo – Stay Positive – in an earlier post.

Click on the image, to see a larger version.

Third postcard:

art for social change







Fourth Postcard:

art for social change postcard


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  • Josephine

    I had not seen these postcards before, navigating in this complex web, I tend to miss things. They are pretty cool postcard art, for social change.The observations are quite interesting.

    • Laura


  • Laura

    I liked doing these. They counted toward our mark for the course. It was completely up to us how we wanted them to look–so I had fun with them. The parameters were simply to write a postcard and send it via email to the two instructors.