shifting into process

I have been quiet on the blog front but that’s because I’ve been busy (since I got an iphone) with Instagram — a free app that allows you to take a picture and easily share it with your Twitter and Facebook followers. It’s now so convenient to post updates.

So, almost since the beginning of January, I have been sharing a new activity with my Twitter and FB followers — my work in my art journal.

I call this new activity ‘shifting into process.’ Last year was very product intensive and exhausting, so this year I am turning it around completely by focusing on process. I am doing this by using my art journal to produce art work that is definitely not for sale. Art journaling is very relaxing, calming, and therapeutic.

This is a new ‘journey.’ I have never kept an art or creative journal before. You could even just call it a sketchbook. I have committed to doing a page a day and to sharing at least a detail of the page if not the whole page,  as this is after all a personal process.

If art journaling is new to you, then think of it as a creative time-out that allows you to process your thoughts or to explore new ideas. You make it what you want it to be and really, the way I approach it, the rules can change as needed.

So follow me on Twitter or Facebook to see my daily creation.

Here is a selected gallery of my pages. Not all pages look great, and that’s OK because it’s about process not end-product.