You are invited to participate in my research study as part of my program fulfilment in the Masters of Art in Art Education program at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design University. The research study is titled A Pasta Making Workshop as Research into Inviting, Collaborating and Participating.

Invitation to Participate

This project is designed, implemented, and evaluated by me as the sole researcher of the study. My work will be overseen by my supervisors Dr. Nicole Lee and Dr. Karin Cope.

You are reading this because you have received a hand-delivered card from me (Laura Bucci) inviting you to participate in a pasta making workshop or because a workshop participant has invited you as a supper guest for one of our three gatherings where we will eat the pasta we make.

As a pasta workshop participant, you have been chosen to participate as you fulfill two of the criteria of the study, which is that participants have a connection to me, either as acquaintances or new friends, and that they live in Halifax.

If you have been invited as a supper guest, the requirement is only that you live in Halifax.

About the Research Project

This is a research project that takes shape through the initial invitation of three participants to take part in three pasta making workshops of up to 3 or 3.5 hours, over three sessions on Saturday, May 4, 11, and 18 2024. In each workshop, participants will learn new pasta making skills. The workshop, plus the supper, will total up to five hours each day. Workshops and suppers take place at my home.

The project explores the overarching question:
How do we invite new people into our life in an ever-complex world?

Through this workshop format we (myself and the participants) explore how inviting, collaborating and participating can be interpreted in new ways. Ultimately, this study aims to offer proposals for action to envision possible futures.

The project is further guided by the following research questions:

1) What creates long-lasting togetherness in small group activities?
2) What constitutes meaningful collaboration and participation?
3) How does collaboration affect outputs of the work?
4) How can this social model of gathering be repurposed and reapplied?

Time Commitment

  • Three sessions on Saturday, May 4, 11, and 18 2024
  • If you join as a workshop participant, you commit to the workshop and the supper (up to 5 hours) on the dates listed above.
  • If you are a supper guest, your commitment at a gathering would be up to 2 hours. Workshop participants can invite a different guest each time. So guest participation is dependent on workshop participants’ wishes.

My role in the Research

I will act as researcher, educator, facilitator, and participant. 

For more information and to express interest in the study

  • Review and submit the Informed Consent Form (allow about 8-10 minutes to read through).
  • Get in touch with any questions you may have (call/text me): 778 892 3838
  • Then, RSVP (call/text me) 778 892 3838.

To ensure your spot in the study, please RSVP by the date indicated on your invitation card. The invitation has been sent to more people then needed to ensure three workshop participants are secured for the whole project. A total of eight participants will be present at each gathering, some as workshop participants and some as supper guests, plus me, my dog Carrie, and my partner, who will be my guest at each session. Meals will be vegetarian. Eggs will be present in the pasta dough. Dairy free and gluten free diets can be easily accommodated, but unfortunately, not celiac or vegan.

I hope you can participate! Please reach out with any question you may have.

Laura Bucci

A Pasta Making Workshop as Research into Collaboration and Participation in Pedagogical Events
SMU REB File # 24-024
Laura Bucci, Principal Investigator
Cell: 778 892 3838,
Dr. Nicole Lee, Research Supervisor

NSCAD University Division of Art History & Contemporary Culture 5163 Duke St, Halifax, NS