I’m published in a book!


It’s pretty neat to see your work in a book. Two years ago I responded to a call for art journal pages to be included in a book. I think it was in 2014 when I got the news that 5 of my images would be included. I think I submitted 14, so to have 5 published is great!

Even though art journaling is a personal and private process, some pages are more art-focused while others are more introspective involving personal text. You can see all kinds in the book. There’s over 1000 art pages by 230 artists from 30 countries.

What I like about the book is, first, the quality–the reproductions are wonderful, second, that it is a great compilation of inspiration. To have all of this work in a book is way better than following online links where the potential to getting distracted is always imminent.

The book is currently only available through Amazon. For Canada, go to Amazon.ca-direct link.

A World of Artist Journal Pages is curated by Dawn DeVries Sokol and is published in the US by Steward, Tabori, and Chang. It became available just recently on April 21st.

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  • Helen

    congratulations, Laura that’s wonderful. I look forward to seeing it!