now what do I do?

In the past six months I’ve been working, researching, and creating for the exhibition Here Today that is now on at Britannia Art Gallery. Having such a goal can focus you and give you purpose, but it can also add an element of stress. You get very intimate with the work to a  point that you cannot tell anymore if it makes sense or if it’s good. So when the big day comes–the opening reception–you’re like “I think it looks good,” but you have no idea how people will respond or if you’ve completely forgotten to properly address something.

Exhibit Photo

My work seen on the left side and you just see a hint of Deanna’s on the right.

I am glad to honestly say that the show was received very well and attendance to the opening was wonderful. Thank you so much to family, friends, colleagues, and strangers that made it out. A room full of buzzing conversation is always comforting. I am also glad too to be sharing the gallery space with artist Deanna Fogstrom whose paintings depicted reflections of older buildings onto new highrises. There was a commonality in the emotion in our work about how things are changing around us. Change, loss, and memory effect us daily and were topics of discussion and connection at the opening. It was good to see that visitors connected to the work.

So now what do I do? There’s always lots to do, always more goals, and more ideas:

The exhibition is on until the end of August.

August 1 to 30, 2012
Britannia Art Gallery
1661 Napier Street (in the library) Vancouver, see on map