mail art in the workshop

This past Saturday I facilitated a workshop in mail art. I talked a little about the history and what mail art looked like before and now. We had several people in the workshop that had been active in mail art and some that are now active in the movement. It was great for participants to share their experience with postal art, tell their stories, and show us correspondence art that they had received.

For the workshop, I printed out some mail art project calls from this website: I find this is a great resource. Do you know of any others like this? Comment below.

I brought some books to the workshop, which are all available from the Vancouver Public Library:

  • Ray Johnson : correspondences / exhibition organized by Donna De Salvo
    Barcode: 31383065438700
  • Creative correspondence / Michael & Judy Jacobs.
    Barcode: 31383068524860
  • With love, from me to you! : a zine about mail art / Melanie Coles.
    Barcode: 31383084778557
  • Mail me art : going postal with the world’s best illustrators and designers / Darren Di Lieto
    Barcode: 31383089425105

Truth be told, I wish I had a better selection of books so I hope to build up my mail art library before the next workshop. So hey, if you want to give me a gift, you know what to look for. Without further ado, here are some shots from the workshop. Thanks everyone for being part of this! If you want to be alerted of the next mail art workshop, sign up for my newsletter.