Inspiration from other artists in the art journal


Part of what makes it to my daily visual journal are things that other artists have said that resonate with me. I often watch artist interviews or art programs online while I work on my art. Sometimes I’ll quickly jot what I hear in my journal and later or the next day I’ll ponder the words further sometimes writing and rewriting the words in order to process their significance.

In the page above, I was thinking about something that Kiki Smith said:

I don’t try to set my work on any path or any direction. I really try to follow it. . . I don’t question my impetus. I just do it and see what happens.


And in the page above, I liked what one of the Boyd Family artists said (I think it was the guy), he said:

To be totally immersed in something is glorious.

Yes, I agree.  Visual journaling for me is not about making art, it is instead where I massage my brain to help me process thoughts and life. There are visual elements yes, but these function as writing. Visual elements in my journal are like a vocabulary of states of feeling.