I have worked

The minimalist American painter, Agnes Martin (1912-2004), sent this list of places she worked at to Arnold (Arne Glimche), an American art dealer, as part of her biography.1 The range of her work experience, and her mobility within the work field, is impressive. I wondered how I would stack next to her. Naturally, I am not done. I am sure I will catch up to her.

Agnes Martin

  1. as a play ground director
  2. as a tennis coach
  3. started two successful businesses
  4. on a farm—milking
  5. three times at the wheat harvest
  6. managed cherry pickers
  7. for a mining company. managed Indians horse packing supplies
  8. taught three years in country schools
  9. as a cashier
  10. in a factory
  11. in a hamburger stand
  12. as a receptionist
  13. in a butcher shop
  14. in a nursery
  15. in a cafeteria
  16. as a baker’s helper
  17. as a waitress many times
  18. as a dishwasher three times
  19. as a janitor once
  20. as a cook once
    During the War
  21. helping Spanish and Indian get in touch with relatives in the army (Red Cross)
  22. visited Spruce logging operation for the government
  23. at Swan Island (Liberty Ships) child care center
  24. running an elevator
  25. in a parking garage
  26. packing ice cream
  27. managed five Hindus, bailing straw
    As a disciplinarian
  28. worked with deprived boys
  29. on school buses
  30. with 60 boy waiters
  31. house mother on campus
  32. chaperone travelling university students
  33. with criminal boys
  34. individual child care, 2 girls and one boy age 4-5-6
  35. also raised rabbits and ducks

Laura Bucci

  1. as a babysitter, to a few months old baby, lasted one day
  2. as a bus girl, lasted one day
  3. as a Sterile Supply Technician at Vancouver General Hospital
  4. as a kitchen helper at GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre
  5. as a janitor at the above
  6. as a server at The Classical Joint Coffeehouse, a Vancouver famed nightspot that existed from 1968-1991 (the good old days) and was lit by candle light, it was at 231 Carrall Street in Gastown
  7. as a customer service person at Cookies By George
  8. as a barista at Starbucks, at one of the early locations on Robson & Thurlow, then promoted to “leader” in Kerrisdale
  9. as a Santa Claus Polaroid photographer at a mall
  10. as a house cleaner, lasted one day
  11. as a print technician at a photo lab
  12. as a photographer’s assistant, studio and location assistant, and B&W darkroom printer
  13. as a freelance photographer doing mainly actor’s headshots
  14. as a picture framer
  15. as a flower seller, selling flowers by the liquor store, lasted one or two days
  16. as a webmaster
  17. as a freelance web designer
  18. as an administrative assistant, a few times
  19. as a gallery assistant (at the once well-known Diane Farris Gallery)
  20. as a listings editor
  21. as a freelance writer
  22. as an ESL teacher
  23. as a volunteer program assistant
  24. as a bookkeeper
  25. as a teaching assistant
  26. as owner, maker, designer of a craft-based business
  27. as a freelance grant writer
  28. as a commercial kitchen assistant

1 Martin, Agnes, and Arnold B. Glimcher. Agnes Martin: Paintings, Writings, Remembrances. Phaidon Press, 2012.