this is where i go…a mail art project…50 received

The 50th submission received from Berlin. Unfortunately, I couldn't make out the name.

The 50th submission received from Berlin. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make out the name of the artist.

Back in January I announced the launch of my mail art project titled “this is where i go.” I am happy to say that to date I have received 50 submissions from all over the world! I am hoping for about 120-150 submissions. All entries will be exhibited at Britannia Art Gallery–a community gallery situated inside the public library in my East Vancouver neighbourhood, which used to be called Little Italy but is now known as The Drive.

It’s been really interesting to see how people respond to the theme. There’s humour, drama, and everything in between. I can tell that artists are participating but also non-artists and children. So happy to see adults introducing mail art to children. I think if there’s one message that I’d like to pass on is that mail art is inclusive.

Your postcard traveling through the postal system provides visual stimulation to postal workers and is so appreciated by the recipient. After all, these days our mailboxes seem to have become merely bill boxes.

So, the deadline to submit your postcard is September 15 2013.

All project information can be found here:

Go take a look at how others are responding to the theme:

Soooo, where do you go?