don’t break the chain

An image of a white wall showing 3 rows and 4 columns of blue post it notes with text and date stamp on each post it

I read somewhere that the comedian Jerry Seinfeld kept a year wall calendar where he would cross out each day when he wrote a joke. The idea was to have a visual reminder that became a motivator to not break the chain of crosses. I found myself doing the same thing with my so called ‘Research Notes’ project, that which you are reading right now. I made a plan do write something every week without too much worry of length and completeness. When I finish writing a note, I write the title on a blue post it and date stamp it. This goes on the wall to form a visual representation, a confirmation that I’m doing it, and a reminder of the project. (I also “instagram” each post it.)

I didn’t get the time this week to ruminate on what I wanted to write about—I had something in mind but no time to think what I wanted to say about it, so I ran the risk of breaking the chain. The thought of a blank blue post it irked… and nudged me. Then, while working on another project, I came across a journal from 2016 I titled “Notes from Books”—an abandoned idea judging from the many empty pages. But within it was the reference to Jerry Seinfeld* and a reminder to just write anything for the sake of the chain, or, in my case, for the sake of the curated blue post its (as pictured above if you are reading this on my website) which I have come to appreciate.

So here you are, it is done, and July is off to a good start. Phew!

*Steal like an artist: 10 things nobody told you about being creative by Austin Kleon, 2012