Fraser River Walks

In June 2021, I will be installing all, or a partial selection, of yarn-wrapped sticks in a space in Strathcona, Vancouver. I have about 90 sticks. Fraser River Walks is a visual presentation but there may be a small participatory invitation to go along with this-–but not sure yet, to be announced closer to the event.

When: June 7 – 28, 2021
Where: AMP Studio’s storefront window, Corner of Hawks & Keefer Street, across from the Wilder Snail Neighbourhood Grocery in Strathcona, Vancouver, BC

Fraser River Walks (October 2019 to March 2020, Vancouver) A project consisting of tiny Polaroids and a collection of found twigs and sticks that I routinely collected from daily walks along the Fraser River. These sticks were then brought into my home studio where I wrapped them in yarn. Behind the object and the collection of twigs, is the invisible practice of routine and structure, of walking and noticing, and of negotiating loneliness and resilience.