You're in the right place

You’re in the right place, 10″ x 10″, cotton on linen, 2018

(More images coming soon) During the month of February, I will be posting images and sharing a bit about each image on instagram: @laurabucci

I spent a fair amount of time in 2018 hand-stitching while contemplating questions about happiness–both when living in Vancouver, BC and Bucklaw, Nova Scotia. This endevour resulted in a number of textile panels that I decided to put out there in the world in a show titled Eudaimonia.

About Eudaimonia:
Eudaimonia, an old Greek word, is commonly translated as happiness or welfare, well-being, human flourishing or prosperity. The Stoics contemplated the eudaimonia question 2300 years ago and today many of us are still in search of the answer. I began my own inquiry by engaging in, and recording my routines for a year in 2017. The following year I hand-stitched my data set; and thus through dedicated hand work I asked myself:

What are the actions that contribute to a sense of well-being?

These hand-stitched pieces represent a personal research phase of the project. Out of this process-oriented work and after a cross-country move, it became clear that community and belonging are key factors contributing to well-being.

For the next phase of Eudaimonia, I will be searching for an opportunity that will allow me to continue working on this project in collaboration with the community.

February 1- 27, 2019
Corridor Gallery
1113 Marginal Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Monday through Friday, 9:30am – 5pm