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Stitching with Purpose at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

Craftivist flag

Stitching with Purpose

I am happy to announce that I will be leading my Stitching with Purpose workshop at Maker Faire Vancouver coming up in June.

Workshop Description

What matters to you? Find out what ‘craftivism’ is all about and learn to stitch your message on a fabric flag that can be hung around your neighbourhood. Facilitated by artist Laura Bucci. All materials provided.

Workshop @ Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

When:  Sunday, June 8th, 2014,  4  6 pm

Where: PNE Forum, 2901 East Hastings, Vancouver

Cost: TBD, Tickets sold through the Event, please not that the workshop not included in your Entrance Ticket but it will be very fairly priced. Info coming soon.

What is Maker Faire?

Maker Faire is the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth—a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement. It’s a place where people show what they are making, and share what they are learning.
Makers range from tech enthusiasts to crafters to homesteaders to scientists to garage tinkerers. They are of all ages and backgrounds. The aim of Maker Faire is to entertain, inform, connect and grow this community.

Mail Art Exhibition Opens November 6th

You are cordially invited to the opening of my mail art project.

this is where i go opens Wednesday, November 6th. The reception is 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

Britannia Art Gallery
1661 Napier Street

Wheelchair accessible parking is available off the back alley parallel to and West of Commercial Drive. Please check out this map for parking options and directions to the gallery. The gallery is #40 which is inside the public library (#37).

All postcards will be available for sale for $5 each to raise funds to mail catalogues to participants.


This project consisted of a worldwide call (primarily online) for 4 by 6 inch original postcards addressing the theme this is where i go. Participants were free to interpret the theme as they wished. 110 participants, both adults and children, from 25 countries sent in more than 110 mail art pieces. Materials employed ranged widely and spanned the whole gamut from traditional artist materials to band-aids, foil, and muffin wrappers.

My intention for this project, which culminated in an exhibition in Vancouver, was to introduce the mail art movement to my local community, as well as make children feel that they could participate in “The Eternal Network.” Inclusivity was an important aspect. Artists and non-artists, adults and children participated and are displayed along each other. The egalitarian ethos of mail art is celebrated here. I believe that anyone can be creative and that it is up to you to decide what is creative rather than have someone else validate your creativity.  Creative expression can play an important role in one’s life but often times people don’t allow themselves the pleasure of creative expression because they have been told at a young age that they were not good at art, or that art is not worthy of serious consideration or that art is only art if it’s on the wall.

To introduce mail art to my local community I held workshops (some free) through Britannia Art Gallery and the Richmond Art Gallery. I am grateful to both of these institutions for the opportunity.

My privileged position as the organizer/curator was quite interesting and gave me insight into the peculiarities of running projects. As is typical for mail art projects I set some ground rules, some of which were: 4 by 6 inch postcards, one submission per person, all postcards must bear postage and go through the postal system. What I received sometimes, were cards that were larger or not postcards at all, multiple submissions, and postcards in envelopes. Understandably, Some participants wanted to protect their work, but alas, this meant that postal workers would not be part of the audience. I love the idea of sharing the work while it is in transit.

It was also quite interesting to see how 110 mail artists approached the theme. Some were literal, some were definitely expressing mental states, and some were abstract and obscure. All were a delight to see in my mailbox and provided me thoughtful moments throughout the day.

Thank you to Britannia Art Gallery for accepting my proposal for this exhibition. Thank you to my partner, Lenny LeBlanc for all the hard work with display and hanging. Thank you all for participating in my first mail art project! It has been a year of really good mail!


new compositions on Vancouver


I had started these small compositions several months ago and then got sidetracked. Finally decided to finish this small series of Vancouver-themed 3″ pocket mirrors. I’ll be dropping these off at Bird on a Wire, so contact them for availability. Only one of each is available—12 total.

See all 12 pocket mirrors at the portfolio page.

More mail art workshops coming up, but register soon!

Mail art created with collage and image transfer

Mail art created with collage and image transfer © Laura Bucci. See the image transfer workshop to learn the image transfer technique.

Workshops at the Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC RAG-logo-2007x175

I’ll be teaching 3 more mail art workshop in July and August. Register early to avoid workshop cancellation.

Register Online - search for courses by using the workshop title

Where is it? See it on the Map.

Introduction to Mail Art
July 6, Saturday, 12-3pm, $30/1 session, Ages 16+

Learn about the international network of Mail Art and the many types of artworks artists send through the postal system. Students will experiment with collage techniques to make their own works of 4×6 Mail Art. Techniques covered are layering and colour plunge plus a warm-up exercise.

Image Transfers and Collage for Mail Art
July 20, Saturday, 12-3pm, $35/1 session, Ages 16+

Experiment with simple ways to transfer photographic images and add collage elements for a personalized artwork. Please bring laser photocopies of photographs you would like to include in your artwork. High contrast photos work better.

Stitching and Embroidery on Paper
Aug 10, Saturday, 12-3pm, $35/1 session, Ages 16+
Learn a variety of stitching techniques to add embroidered designs and fabric to your paper collages and cards. Students will experiment with a variety of materials and techniques to make their own works of 4×6 Mail Art.

Micro-funding event that supports local artists

I am proud to be a member of the Arts & Culture Committee at Britannia Community Centre–my neighbourd community centre–and want to share with you this project that we have developed and is now in it’s third year of running.

The EAST FEAST is a micro-funding event that supports local artists who live or work in the neighbourhoods of Grandview-Woodland & Strathcona through a community meal that raises funds through ticket sales to the event which in turn directly funds an artist or artist group. This FEAST is grassroots micro-funding at its best, relying on community engagement to be successful. We are looking to support and stimulate experimental, creative, and critical projects that would benefit the FEAST community.

This event is organized by the Arts & Culture Committee & Britannia Community Services Centre Society.

The next East Feast is June 2, 2013, 2 – 4 pm.

Come and see the 3 finalists that will be presenting and vote  for the project that you think should get up to $1000 in funding.

All info at the project site:

Make mail art with others in a workshop

Mail art postcard created by Laurent Molet from Belgium for the exhibition 'this is where i go' | his website:

Mail art postcard created by Laurent Molet from Belgium for the exhibition ‘this is where i go’ | his website:

Registration has opened for the free workshop on mail art coming up in June.

Here are the details:

The workshop is free but registration is required. Open to adults and children aged 12 and up.

Location: Family Room at Britannia Community Centre

Join Artist/Facilitator Laura Bucci and learn about mail art, a worldwide cultural movement that began in the early 60s and involves sending visual art through the postal system. This workshop will help you get started and to create a postcard for a mail art exhibition in November at Britannia Art Gallery as well as creating postcards for other projects or for friends.. The artist will supply all materials to make a collage postcard using a variety of paper, rubber stamping, postal stickers, washi tape (decorative adhesive tape), colour pencils and markers. A typewriter will be available to add your own text. Bring a glue stick and scissors.

Maximum of 20 participants.

Online through the Parks Board Website (limited registrations allowed online, if full online call to register)| By phone  (604 718 5800) or in person quote course number 42929.201. In person at Britannia Community Centre, 1661 Napier Street.

Here Today is finally here

This past August I had a show at the Britannia Art Gallery. The show was called Here Today.

Here Today is a mixed-media photographic project shown through souvenir pocket mirrors and focusing on landmarks and establishments connected to the Italian community in the Commercial Drive area and a little beyond.

You can now view the work online here.

Currently, the work is available for viewing and purchase at Bird on a Wire Creations in Vancouver.


A look back at October

October was very busy, and all about deadlines that I met! Here’s a mosaic collage from my Instagram photos.

photo collage october 2012

Renzo’s: once a tailor shop, today a cafe

Here Today is the title of my exhibition coming up in August. In this exhibit, I am reflecting on landmarks and establishments connected to the Italian community in the Commercial Drive area (my neighbourhood in Vancouver) and beyond. Commercial Drive used to be called Little Italy but this name does not apply any longer since The Drive (as it is referred to now) has evolved into a multi-cultural neighbourhood.

Renzo's awning

a section of Renzo’s awning framed by son Andre and to be hung in the coffee shop

The Drive has been my neighbourhood for five years. Before that I’d often come here to shop at Santa Barbara market and Bosa on Victoria Drive, and I’d go for coffee at Cafe Roma to name just one possibility. I’ve often walked by establishments on The Drive but have never gone in. Mind you, I’ve wanted to go in but held back to avoid awkwardness because I didn’t have any business there and some places it just doesn’t seem to be appropriate to go in and browse. One such place was Renzo’s Tailors which was located on the corner of Commercial and Charles, next to Grandview Park. Renzo’s Tailors closed a couple of years ago and has re-opened as a cafe.

This change is not a sad one as the business is still in the family. The tailor shop was run by tailor Renzo Montagliani, and now the coffee shop is run by his son Andre. The name is still Renzo’s–I like that. Renzo himself can often be seen at the coffee shop having coffee with other Italians or perhaps checking-in to see that his son is doing a good job?

Each and every person has an interesting story about their life. If they have businesses sometimes we can find articles about them. I lucked out with Renzo. The Vancouver Courier published an article in 2010 giving us just a bit of insight into this businessman.

Things change, it’s inevitable, but as long as there is a record of them, a trace, a memento to honour the people, the buildings, etc. then sometimes it’s easier to accept. Andre, Renzo’s son has framed a section of Renzo’s Tailors awning and will be hanging that soon in the cafe. He said he also wants to bring other artifacts from his father’s business and display them in the cafe.

Interesting tidbit: 53 years ago, a custom suit cost $55; today it would be a minimum of $1,500.

Hope to see at my Opening reception: August 1st, 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

The exhibition runs from August 1st to the 30th.

Here Today (2 person show)
Britannia Art Gallery
1661 Napier Street (in the library) Vancouver, see on map

In conjunction with the exhibition, I will be offering a *free* workshop funded by Britannia Art Gallery:

August 4th, 1 to 4pm
Image Transfer Pocket Mirror Workshop
Britannia Community Centre
A maximum of 10 people can register.
Register through the community Centre.

Invitation to Here Today

E-invite-Laura Bucci at Britannia Art GalleryBritannia Art Gallery has just sent me my invite to my exhibition in August called Here Today. Getting a little more nervous as it gets closer. Still have quite a few works to complete, not to mention thinking about how to present the work. Seen on the invite is one of the pocket mirrors that will be on exhibit.

I’m looking forward to this show! Please note there’s an opening reception and I’ll be there: August 1st, 6:30-8:30. Hope to see you!

Also, Britannia Art Gallery is funding my Image Transfer Pocket Mirror Workshop. This means the workshop is free, maximum attendance is 10 people. You’ll need to register to reserve your spot.