Collaboration project for September Shop

News on the pop-up shop I am participating in, starting September 3rd and ending September 28th.  In case you’ve forgotten or just landed here, the shop is called September Shop and is a retail pop-up shop showcasing work by 6 local designers, myself included. We all work with different materials and techniques, from leather, to fabric, to metals and paper.

We are also all working on collaborative projects that we will auction off. The proceeds will be going to ArtStarts, a leader on advocacy for arts in education.

My collaboration project involved working with a pattern image that Patsy Kay Kolesar uses in her jewelry work. My interest in working with her image was not only based on the appeal of the pattern (a very different look from my current work) but was also tied to the opportunity of working within a new theme, namely love and relationships. I saw this as an exciting opportunity to explore new directions and mediums.

Collaboration project - screenprinted journalI’ve been familiar with Patsy’s work for a couple of years now and by following her blog and through various conversations we’ve had, I have been exposed to the different facets of her theme. I began to tie this background information with my own personal experience of love and slowly began to find what I wanted to say within this theme. After exploring various formats and mediums, I settled on working with objects of daily use and in letting them present yet another side of relationships.

Collaboration Project - journalsThe journal will be auctioned together with a pocket mirror still on the topic of relationships as  seen below.

Pocket Mirror